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Photo session with John Day

Singer. Art Performer. LGBTQIA+ Activist. Engineer. Immigrant. Indonesia-Australia Specialist. Writer.

Ozak was born and grew up in Indonesia. In 2010, he was selected as a youth ambassador for Australia-Indonesia Youth Exchange Program. In 2011, he moved to Australia to build his life from the scratch. He settled in Perth to work as a subsea engineer for few years until he finally became Australian citizen.


He always has a passion for singing and dancing. He performs at open mic night and busks in Fremantle Market. He developed dancing skill by taking classes for dancehall, salsa, bachata, and zouk dance.


He represented Indonesia independently without producer and sponsor, to compete in Mr.Gay World 2014. In 2015, he discovered his alter-ego Tess OZteron when he performed at burlesque competition for the first time. The unicorn character was inspired by his tribe: Camp Unicorn, a community in Blazing Swan - Regional Burning Man Festival. 


In 2016, he performed in Melbourne to help the fundraising for LGBTQIA+ in Indonesia who was under threat by the government. In 2017, he lived in Barcelona and moved to London in the following year until 2020 to explore his immigration journey as an Australian.

Due to pandemic, he returned to Australia to finish his memoir book capturing his random life as a multi-dimensional immigrant. He recently served as a Naval Officer in the Royal Australian Navy. 


"A unicorn who found his own color in between his religion, race, and sexual orientation labels"

Sometimes it's tiring to look at myself as a human. I'm a gay Asian man coming from conservative muslim family. And, people always play around with those three factors (race, sexual orientation and religion). That's why, sometimes being Unicorn is enough for me.

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