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Behind The Scene

Why did you make this song?

Initially, I got invited to perform my boylesque act in Melbourne. It was a fundraising event to support LGBT community in Indonesia who is currently under threat by the government and hardliners. One of the organisers who is my old friend from high school asked me whether I could also sing in the event. At first, I was going to do a cover song of “Take Me to Church” as it suits with the theme. But one day, I woke up in the morning, decided to write an original song to make my performance more personal, capturing my experience growing up as a gay man in Indonesia.

Why Unicorn?

Well, my character on the stage is a unicorn. To me, unicorn symbolises minorities. You know, there is a horse, but unicorn is somewhat different with its horn. I see this horn as a manifestation of race, sexual orientation, or religion.

Was there any obstacle making this song?

It’s the lyrics. English is not my first language. For me, it’s a bit tricky as well to capturing my personal experience through a unicorn format. From what I found, many unicorn songs are more playful and funny, but I want something uplifting and a bit poetic in a way.

How was your recording experience?

It was fantastic. It took two days recording in a music studio to make this thing happen. I worked with professional and talented music producer. As it was my first music recording ever, it was difficult on my side to articulate the music arrangement details that I prefer. Luckily, my music producer somehow can read my mind. He came up with brilliant ideas and accommodate my thoughts as well. It was a pleasant experience overall.

Any expectation from your song debut?

I believe with the power of process. To me, it’s important to create something to open another opportunity out there. Every effort I make, hopefully, will lead to the other horizon I have never seen before. Once I get a new opportunity, I will create another one, and so on. I am enjoying the journey and the people who are inspiring me along the way.


1. A summary of LGBT crisis in Indonesia can be found here:

2. The music studio and producer information is here:

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