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Australia, Don't Follow America. Look at Indonesia.

Hey girlll, what’s up?

The world is getting crazy! I have many things on my mind lately, such as thinking about the world's problem. You know, Donald Trump’s things in America, recent Q&A show at ABC channel in Australia, and Jakarta’s governor election in Indonesia.

Why do you even care? Who are you?

One of the hot topics in America, Australia and Indonesia is similar: talking about Muslim nowadays. I am a Unicorn. I was born and grew up in Indonesia, in a Muslim family. My dad is Chinese, my mum local. Dad’s family is Christian. I migrated to Australia in 2011 under skilled migration scheme as a subsea engineer. I am a burlesque performer, my character on the stage is a Unicorn. I am a proud Unicorn queer. I feel that I need to speak up regarding this matter. The topic not only white people talk about but also a story of my life. So please, turn the microphone ON, set the lighting bright. I am ready.

Wait, so you are going to talk about Islam? Are you even a Muslim?

Did you listen to me? I grew up in Muslim family. We went to Macca for pilgrim when I was junior high school. I was part of Muslim student organisation in senior high school and university. Yes, I am gay. And yes, since I live in Australia, I started to drink alcohol, rarely go to the mosque, or fasting. You can call me a bad Muslim, or whatever. But I still do believe in God, and I don’t need to explain how can I proof my spiritual connection, I keep it private. My full name is taken from Qur’an. In a way, it’s about my identity as well. Without you meeting me in person, when you receive my email with my full name, you can quickly identify that my name does not sound like a British name.

Oh well, let’s say you are a bad Muslim as you wish, what do you want to say anyway?

I am not a bad Muslim! I am just …., oh well. Ok, I think the Trump’s decision to ban certain Muslim countries to enter America, in my opinion, is NOT right. He should differentiate between terrorism and Muslim. This policy creates fear and prejudices towards Muslim people. People who do not know at all about Islam, or do not even have a Muslim friend, will easily assume what Trump did was to protect them from the attack. As a result, there is a lot of hatred, even more prejudice and tension between communities. Welcome to the power of fear!

Why all of sudden you are talking about Trump?

Well, I have many disagreements with his current policy. But let’s focus on banning the Muslim to enter the country and deport them out of the country. Because of what his belief, unluckily, some politician in Australia, adopt or support his view as a legitimation to apply the same thing in Australia. Let’s have a look during the Q&A session about migration. Independent senator Jacqui Lambie said those who supports sharia law should be deported. That is the dangerous part to me. When sometimes, there is certain people talk about Islam without knowing anything about it. They're willing to completely negate any of people rights as a human being, exactly like Yasmeen said in the Q&A session.

And now, why do you even care about Australia?

Ok, I just got my Australian citizenship last week. That mean, I automatically lost my Indonesian citizenship. Australia is my home for now and future. I don’t want to see a politician in Australia adopt the same policy like Donald Trump, just because that policy only implies to the minority. Sometimes I read the news about an anti-Islam protest in Australia. Some Australian freak out by growing number of Muslim, or new Mosque building. There is always be and forever be Australian law in this country, period. I took the pledge for this in the ceremony last week. However, I feel that some of the politician (white politician to be exact), using the fear of “Sharia Law” to justify the growing number of Muslim is a threat to society. I feel that these politicians think that the Muslim who live in Australia will change the Australian Law Constitution to “Sharia Law” (back sound: scary Halloween nightmare sound effect). Some politicians, i.e., like Pauline Hanson, thinks that Islam is not solely the religion, but ideology to rule the government. Therefore, some politicians want to ban Muslim as a solution to protect the country.

So I guess, you don’t agree with Muslim ban, because you don’t want to get banned?

Yeah, I scare a bit. But remember, I am a unicorn after all. I just want to be pretty. The concept of banning Muslim from the country is absurd to me. What are the criteria of a Muslim? Is that a Women with head-scarf? People with Muslim’s family? Muslim’s name? People who eat halal food? I mean, even it's hard for me to point out to my Indonesian friend, oh you are not Muslim by the way because you had sex out of marriage, but you went to Macca for Haj. I mean, who am I to judge if that person is Muslim, or that person is not Muslim enough, or you are almost Muslim. I don’t collect a label or barcode at the mosque to justify I am Muslim. If tonight I am going to mosque and tomorrow I will take my clothes off at Fringe Festival in front of the audience at the burlesque show, NOBODY, can tell if I am Muslim or not. Therefore I should be deported. You know what I mean?

I don’t really get it what you mean, but go on.

The whole point that I want to say to my Australian friends and politician to have a look at Indonesia! Indonesia is the biggest Muslim population in the world, like number one. Indonesia population is 250 million something, and the majority is Muslim with, I think 87% of total population (check on google to be exact!). But our law is not based on “Sharia Law” (if what white people meant is the law in Saudi Arabia or middle east countries). Our ideology is based on PANCASILA, which is unity in diversity. You know we have national ID, and we have to put religion on the card. You will see, many people put their religion as Islam. But might see those people still go to clubbing, shopping in the mall, gathering with the neighbour at the Mosque, attending Friday prayer (for male), then wearing Batik (traditional clothes) on Friday. Oh ya, don’t forget Bali island. Bali is part of Indonesia-the biggest Muslim countries in the world-, but Indonesia still respects Balinese culture and lifestyle. In conclusion, for this topic, Australia can observe their neighbour countries to handle the fear of Muslim presence in the country.

So you think Indonesia is better than Australia?

That’s not what I am saying! I just give an example that Muslim people like in Indonesia are following democracy constitution, which differs than middle-east countries which share different cultures. The interesting part is that Indonesia is currently facing a big test at the moment. That’s why I want to talk about Jakarta governor’s election. For the first time, the incumbent candidate is a Christian-Chinese background; his name is Ahok. Based on the yesterday’s quick count election, he leads the first-round election, neck-to-neck with Anies at the second place, the other governor’s candidate backed up by the Muslim parties. Jakarta is the capital city of Indonesia, which plays a crucial role in defining the political power for Indonesia presidential election in 2019. If, and hopefully, Ahok wins the Jakarta’s governor, it will show the world how this biggest Muslim population country in the world, actually implements Pancasila ideology on top of religion interest in running the government.

Oh my god, now you talking about Indonesia. I’m tired, anything to say for the closing statement?

Oh please! The world is connected each other. I just realised that there is a connection between America-Australia-Indonesia, in the current situation, that is religion. Atheist people perhaps say that’s why you don’t need religion because only cause troubles. Well, I still remembered the moment every time I finished my class back in university. I used to go to this beautiful modern wood structure Mosque located just across the road. I just felt good and peaceful during my prayer. And this is what matter right? A peaceful feeling. People can find any other media to find peace. It’s just human that complicated things, for power, money and social status. I might be wrong, but I am glad I speak.

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